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Contact Alicia Brewer  Alicia Brewer Kindergarten Teacher (DL)
Contact Adrienne Grieser  Adrienne Grieser Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Jennie Kirschner  Jennie Kirschner Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Yvette Bernal  Yvette Bernal First Grade Teacher
Contact Karina Gomez Gonzalez  Karina Gomez Gonzalez First Grade Teacher - Bilingual
Contact Ellen Shroyer  Ellen Shroyer First Grade Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Lynette Betzen  Lynette Betzen Second Grade Teacher
Contact Viridiana Cisneros  Viridiana Cisneros Second Grade Teacher - Bilingual
3rd Grade
Contact Norma Gutierrez  Norma Gutierrez Third Grade Teacher - Bilingual
Contact Lana-rae Montoya  Lana-rae Montoya Third Grade Teacher
Contact Deborah Natzke  Deborah Natzke Second/Third Grade Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Janet Russo  Janet Russo Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Megan Wilcox  Megan Wilcox Fourth Grade Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Gerard Alonzo  Gerard Alonzo Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Danielle Diaz  Danielle Diaz Fifth Grade Teacher
Fine Arts
Contact Pablo Medina  Pablo Medina Art Teacher
Contact Stacy Sandoval  Stacy Sandoval Music Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Matthew Hickman  Matthew Hickman P.E. Teacher
Contact Suzanne Scatliffe  Suzanne Scatliffe P.E. Teacher
Special Education
Contact Samantha Chavez  Samantha Chavez Third Grade Sped Teacher
Contact Duane Davenport  Duane Davenport Gifted Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Dreskin  Elizabeth Dreskin Fourth/Fifth Sped Teacher
Contact Leah Granados  Leah Granados Fourth Grade Sped Teacher
Contact Andrew Moffett Zacarias  Andrew Moffett Zacarias Fifth Grade Sped Teacher
Contact Samantha Peters  Samantha Peters Kinder/First Sped Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Donovan Cherne  Donovan Cherne EA Special Education
Contact Barbara Gienger  Barbara Gienger EA Kindergarten
Contact Robin Griffin  Robin Griffin EA Special Education
Contact Mariza Jara  Mariza Jara EA Special Education
Contact Samuel Matos  Samuel Matos EA Kindergarten
Contact Tristan Parr  Tristan Parr Re-director
Contact Carmen Santiago Gonzales  Carmen Santiago Gonzales EA Parent Liaison
Contact Diana Stovall  Diana Stovall EA Special Education
Contact Sage Wiggins  Sage Wiggins EA Pre-K

Bldg. 25000- KAFB East
Albuquerque, NM 87116 (Map)

Phone: (505) 268-2434
Fax: (505) 260-2025

Contact Aimee Sewell  Aimee Sewell Principal
Dean of Students
Contact Carl Seward  Carl Seward Dean of Students
Administration / Office Staff
Contact Estella Martinez  Estella Martinez Clerk
Contact Maribel Payan-smith  Maribel Payan-smith Secretary
Contact Julie Wray  Julie Wray Librarian
Health Office
Contact Irene Garcia  Irene Garcia Health Assistant
Contact Shawna Rieg  Shawna Rieg (505) 268-2434 ex: 29149 School Counselor
Contact Latisha Beard  Latisha Beard Technology Teacher
Intervention Support
Contact Penny Adkins  Penny Adkins Intermediate Intervention
Contact Arlynn Collard  Arlynn Collard Intermediate Intervention
Cafeteria Staff
Contact Maria Avila  Maria Avila Cafeteria Staff
Contact Claudia Valle  Claudia Valle Cafeteria Staff
Custodial Staff
Contact Thomas Abeyta  Thomas Abeyta Head Custodian
Contact Mike Mirabal  Mike Mirabal Custodian
Contact Michael Moreland  Michael Moreland Custodian